Developing ExoSphere was really about dipping our foot in the water! Could we work together. How well can we prototype and execute. What are some of the challenges with working in a distributed team etc.

Well we learned a lot! For one we took on too many ideas and projects. Our teams resources were being spread thin across too many diverse tasks. It was really hard to keep focused. Consequently, one of our games made it and the other…well kind of didn’t. But this is completely fine and ok! It’s about failing fast. We sure did and that’s not a problem.

As we worked on our games we discovered quickly that we had a definite need. Our biggest weakness was art. We kind of all knew what we wanted, but none of us starting oddbrewers were strong in 3d model design or 2d art. Sure we could come up with concepts, the odd scribble or two, but nothing really worthy of a polished end product.


Some of Dan’s quality work in building a prototype for a rigged venus fly trap.

We really needed to find people who would be happy to work with us and build something that could elicit emotion as soon as you pick it up. When you see the character on screen in that universe that we create. That you could attach to them and see things from their perspective, fight for them and play the game because you felt connected. WOAH!!!! Cheese. End of cheese.

LauraArtWe’re beyond excited to announce that we have been joined by two amazing people: Daniel and Laura. They are not only amazing artist but they really believe in creating something awesome. They share our vision in creating fun games that draw you in!

Daniel is a 3d modeller out from the good ol’ USA. He uses tools like blender and isn’t afraid to do the odd texture map here or there! We’ve also noticed that he’s a fan of emojis πŸ™‚ Laura on the other hand joins us all the way from Latvia! She is an incredibly versatile artist. You should really check out her Instagram. Some of her line work is literally eye candy.

This means that now we have team members from Latvia, Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America. Working together through different time zones is certainly a challenge, but we’re having fun πŸ™‚

We’ve been now trying to work together for a bit. Think of ideas and games we could bring to you guys. Chances are we’re likely to pick something small and focused to bring to life. We really would like to score a quick win as a team. We’re all in it for the love of games and building something uniquely beautiful!

We’re so grateful for these two taking a chance with us and can’t wait to bring our first new game to you guys.


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