We’re brewing up something a’new

January 26, 2017/ExoSphere

We’ve decided to build a new game. So the team started with looking through some of our existing ideas and throwing some new ones into the mix. We had a bunch. However, as a newly formed team we wanted to start with a simple concept!

Buzz an astronaut out in space is working on her ship when her tether snaps! She is thrown into a space journey.

We spoke with some redditors and got their feedback. We also threw it around within our team. A similar theme started to emerge:

  • Buzz travels and orbits different planets trying to get back home or to some place
  • Along her journey there are collectibles and power-ups that help her travel further, faster or “better”
  • The game is equal measure exploration and skill…most of all fun

Our focus is on getting the core mechanic right. When Buzz is thrown into an inescapable journey through space she is able to use his little jet pack to boost towards planets. Use the orbit of each planet to propel herself further and further. This has to feel great and purposeful. Our awesome Programmer Josh started prototyping a demo. It’s looking promising 🙂

We considered and are still thinking about the style of this game. Low poly? 2d or 3d? Is it a mix of the two. Atmospheric and lucid 2d backgrounds mixed with the nice effects of 3d. We don’t know just yet, but then we got stuck on a very important topic: Does Buzz have a friend? Does Buzz have anyone to keep her company in the dark stretches of astro-nothingness???

Being in space can be very lonely. We thought it would be cruel to have our little cosmic explorer solo space. Buzz does in fact have a friend. His name is Wilson! Her pet gold fish! They both tend to their space garden and enjoy each others company, but now Buzz is gone!!

Man things have taken a dark twist in our exploration of the game’s theme. We’ve transitioned from happy go lucky space exploration into the depths of complexity. The love between an astro-lady and her pet gold fish. Is this game about Buzz finding Wilson again?! We don’t know, but we just knew that she couldn’t be alone. How much Wilson features depends on what type of game we make.

Will this game be: a) an adventure based game where Buzz seeks to reunite with Wilson or b) an endless runner where Wilson is some type of end outcome.

Either way we know that pick-ups will be key and Wilson will feature in some capacity. So what doe he look like. Well Laura did an awesome job. Look how cute he looks! His bulging eyes are so worried. We can’t wait till Dan brings him to life!

Well we’ll keep you updated! Make sure to drop us a comment or email if you have any ideas that you’d like us to try 🙂

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