Meet the brewers!


Josh is our developer. He hails from the land of the long white cloud and loves feijoa. He favours games with strategy and deliberate action. Any chance to exercise his mind and beat you into submission, by saying I give up is his thing. His passion is building and creating. He likes back end stuff and loves to bring code to life.


Pietari, the Finnish name meaning “King of Prototype”. Mainly in charge of coding and telling us how great Finland is at everything floorball related. He gushes over anything space related. Space, space, and space. The man is a Swiss army knife of skills. From video editing, music, front end and back end, he does it all!


A dude without a defined skill set. Something along the lines of a producer. Main tasks include getting coffees, providing vision and making sure that everyone is happy. Back rubs? You got it! Just keep coding! Salih prefers fast action twitch reflex type games from FPS, through to competitive couch party games.


Ryd lives and breathes music. He is our sound guy. Multi-instrumentalist and avid gamer! One of the wackiest minds around. 180° turns in conversations are not uncommon. He speaks through his awesome coffee. He loves coffee that much that he runs his own distribution site! Walking into pedestrians in GTA is all he does.


Mikey, a young up and coming son of a gun. His feet set dance floors on fire and his hands burn through code. Mikey is a lovely mix of fun and focus. He brings the young spark and energy our team needs.  He’s the younger brother we all wish we had. He has an interest in puzzle based games with story and depth.