Fluid tilt controls

Use your mobile’s motion sensors to move the ExoSphere through an environment that will test your skill and guile!

Mind bending puzzles

Explore a futuristic world littered with brain busting puzzles. Lasers, trap doors, killer robots, hidden areas, and ExoMorphs that allow you to change your abilities and solve the puzzles that will test you.


Want to pick up stuff and find hidden items to satisfy your inner completionist? How about┬áspeed zones to get your blood rushing and twitch reflex ticking? And slow paced puzzles to tantalise your brain? It’s all here!

ExoSphere Morphs

Keep up to date with the latest developments on ExoSphere

We’re brewing up something a’new
January 26, 2017 /0 Comments/0 Likes/More

We've decided to build a new game. So the team started with looking through some of our existing ideas and throwing some new ones into the mix. We had...

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We’ve grown!
January 24, 2017 /0 Comments/1 Like/More

Developing ExoSphere was really about dipping our foot in the water! Could we work together. How well can we prototype and execute. What are some of the challenges with...

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ExoSphere since release…
January 24, 2017 /0 Comments/0 Likes/More

So it's been about one week since we've released Exosphere and there's been a few different learnings. We've learned that you have to market early. Put stuff out there...

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