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January 24, 2017/ExoSphere

So it’s been about one week since we’ve released Exosphere and there’s been a few different learnings. We’ve learned that you have to market early. Put stuff out there as soon as you have something. We potentially have left it a little late, but nonetheless the reaction to our game has been very positive.

The other learning is that the name really matters. It seems that many people do not know what ExoSphere is. They’re looking for a ball rolling game! We’ve worked hard to change some of our keywords so that we’re easier to find, but here it is for all times sake  :mrgreen:

Exosphere is a ball-rolling puzzle adventure for Android with a unique touch-free control system that is fluid, intuitive and fun to use! The game focuses on morphing your exo ball to adapt to your environment and solve puzzles while avoiding dangerous hazards! It also features a more action-oriented endless runner mode!

So there it is. Now we all know what the game is about. Since release we’ve had 200+ downloads and the number seems to be growing. If you haven’t got the game yet download it now! 22 players also left some feedback. Most people were very impressed and rated the game 5 stars, however there were some improvements to be made. We’ve heard that the controls could be improved. Especially the dead zones as the game sometimes wasn’t responsive. Because of this great feedback we jumped straight into action and crunched out a hot fix, quick smart!

One person made a playthrough of some of the levels in the game. We were thrilled to see others playing it!

We’ll keep this first post short and sweet! If you have any questions or suggestions to improve our game please drop us a line!


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